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The Research Program visualizes a world in which the pursuit of knowledge knows no bounds, in which game-changing discoveries revolutionize whole industries, and in which innovation changes people’s lives. We are dedicated to fostering a space where academics, students, and researchers can explore, experiment, and advance society.


PASUC-NCR Research Consortium

An association for State Universities and Colleges, that gear towards a collaborative effort that would benefit the schools’ shared causes and academic advancement

Department Of Science and Technology

The Department of Science and Technology, is the executive department of the Philippine government responsible for the coordination of science and technology-related projects in the Philippines…

International Research Conference on Innovation in Engineering, Science and Technology

Preparing the university to produce graduates, researchers, and innovators to be industry ready is of paramount importance despite the challenges of the new normal.

Philippine Association of Institutions for Research

The Philippine Association of Institutions for Research, Inc. or PAIR is a body that aims to advance quality multidisciplinary research.

International Research Conference on Higher Education

International research conferences on higher education are gatherings that bring together scholars, researchers, educators, administrators, policymakers, and experts from around the world to discuss and exchange ideas related to various aspects of higher education.








  • Lead strategic efforts for institutional development
  • Generate new and applied knowledge in science and technology
  • Transform lives in communities through extension
  • Enhance the Institute’s image


1. Strengthen research expertise of faculty researchers through capability building.

2. Improve instructional processes through utilization of research driven teaching methodologies.

3. Invent/innovate prototypes, gadgets, and facilities in science and technology which are needed by the academe, industry, and community.

4. Transfer generated technology to the community for empowerment and improvement of the quality of life.

5. Establish linkages and collaboration with other Colleges/Universities, GOs and NGOs for funding support and assistance.

6. Support publication and dissemination of researches in refereed journals, paper presentation, and in-house reviews.