Our Story

Education at EARIST extends beyond the classroom. We are more than simply a school; we are a thriving institution committed to promoting holistic development, inspiring curiosity, and equipping the next generation of leaders.


EARIST is envisioned to be a center of excellence in trades, business, arts, science and technology education.


Turn out vocationally, technically, technologically, and scientifically trained graduates who will be economically productive, self-sufficient, effective, responsible and discipline citizen of the Philippines.


As a state college, Eulogio “Amang” Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology (EARIST) believes that education is not an area of knowledge that can be arrogated unto itself by one profession, nor it is a division separate and distinct from the society and the times in which it flourishes. It is a plexus of knowledge and skills applied to the economic, social and moral development of self-actualized and productive citizenry.

Quality Policy

EARIST is committed to provide quality education and Services through continual improvement of its quality management system with compliance to statutory requirements that meet the highest level of customer satisfaction

Our Strategic Goal

Provide professional, scientific, technological, technical, and vocational instruction and training in trades, business, arts, sciences, and technology and for special purposes promote research, advanced studies and progressive leadership.

Our Objectives

  • Strive for academic excellence in instruction, research, extension and production through accreditation.

  • Provide appropriate and continuing faculty and staff development programs.

  • Provide and maintain appropriate technologies, instructional facilities, materials and equipment.

  • Produce quality graduates who are globally competitive to man the needs of business and industry.

  • Attain university status through Unity, Solidarity and Teamwork.