Academic Policies


Based on the Student Handbook:


1.1 A student shall carry the regular load prescribed by the academic program.

1.2 In no instance shall student be allowed to carry less than one half of the regular load unless he has incurred academic deficiencies or is graduating during the term.

1.3 No undergraduate shall be allowed to take more than the number of units specified in his curriculum except for graduating students and duly certified by the College Dean and the Registrar.

1.4 Only graduating students are entitled to carry an overload which is limited to six (6) units for the year.

1.5 No student shall be enrolled in more than one college to earn more than one academic degree at the same time.

1.6 During summer term, the normal load shall be six (6) units, in justifiable cases, however, the College Dean may allow a student to take nine (9) units.

1.7 The College Dean may limit the academic load of students who are employed outside the Institute whether on full-time or part-time basis.


2.1 A student is considered officially enrolled when:

  • he has paid his tuition and other fees;
  • his official receipt of payment has been validated;
  • he has submitted his fully accomplished registration certificate and other requirements to the Registrar’s Office; and
  • the “Copy of Student” portion of his registration certificate has been properly stamped and initialed by the receiving clerk of the Registrar’s Office.

2.2 No student shall be registered later than the date specified in the school calendar, except under reasonable and justifiable circumstances to be determined by the Dean concerned who then makes his recommendation to the Vice President for Academic Affairs, but not to exceed six (6) class hours.

2.3 Cross enrollment in another school is allowed upon the favorable endorsement of the Dean who shall recommend to the Registrar the issuance of the corresponding permit.

2.4 No cross enrollee from another institution shall be admitted into the institute without the written permit from the Registrar’s Office. The permit shall state the total number of units for which the student is registered and the subject(s) that he is authorized to take in the college.

2.5 Shifters

2.5.1 Student shifting within the same college shall present the following:

A letter addressed to the College Dean expressing his intention and justification to shift to another program.

An endorsement letter from Guidance Counselor, Program Adviser and Registrar.

2.5.2  Student shifting from one college to another must submit the following to the College Dean where he/she wishes to transfer:

      • A letter addressed to the College Dean where the student intends to shift to another program and recommended by the Dean of his/her current college.
      • Clearance (good moral standing, no current obligations to the college)
      • Approval of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.
      • Shifters must satisfactorily meet the grade requirement prescribed by the college.
      • An endorsement letter from Guidance Councelor, Program Adviser and Registrar

2.6 Second Baccalaureate Degree

    The Institute does not accept applicants for second baccalaureate degree.


3.1 Transfer to another class may be allowed only with the approval of the College Dean concerned, who shall advise the Registrar’s Office for proper recording.

3.2 No substitution shall be allowed for major and mandated courses prescribed in the curriculum in which the student has failed, except when, in the opinion of the Dean of the College offering the prescribed course, the proposed substitute course is substantially similar in content to the required course.

3.3 Substitution of courses may be authorized in any one of the following cases:

3.3.1 A curriculum has been superseded by a new one and the substitution tends to bring the old curriculum in line with the new one. However, in case of curricular revision, the student follows the curriculum he was enrolled in while in the first year.
3.3.2 There is conflict of schedule between required courses.
3.3.3 The required course is not offered.

3.4 Petition for substitution should:

3.4.1 Involve courses within the same department if possible; if not, the proposed substitute must be allied to the one being substituted.
3.4.2 Be between courses of the same number of units.
3.4.3 Be recommended by the class adviser and approved by the College Dean concerned.
3.4.4 Be submitted to the Office of the College Dean during the registration period or before the opening of classes.
3.4.5 be acted upon the College Dean/Director concerned in case the petition is disapproved, the student may appeal to the Vice President for Academic Affairs, whose decision on the matter is final.

3.5 A student may drop a course by filling out the necessary application form (Dropping Form) with the College Registrar, provided his case is not covered by a pertinent provision of the Institute Code.


7.1 Examination for the removal of grades of INC. (Incomplete) shall not be charged any fee during the following:

7.1.1 The regular examination period where the course is included in the schedule of examination

7.1.2 The regular removal examination period within ten (10) days before the registration period.

7.2 Removal examinations may be taken at other times upon the approval of the College Dean/College Director concerned and after payment of the corresponding fee.

7.3 In no case shall the period for the removal of grades of Incomplete extend beyond one year from the end of the term the course was taken.


10.1 A candidate of graduation shall file his application for graduation with the Registrar’s Office at the start of the semester.
10.2 A student shall be recommended for graduation when he has satisfied all academic and other requirements prescribed by the Institute.
10.3 No student shall be allowed to graduate from the Institute unless he has earned therin more than fifty (50) percent of the academic units required in his curriculum.
10.4 A candidate for graduation shall have his deficiencies made up and his record cleared not later than two weeks before the end of his last semester.
10.5 No student shall be issued a diploma and a transcript of records unless he has been cleared of all accountabilities.