About the College


College of Public Administration and Criminology as the youngest college in EARIST has always strived to give the best education for our students. The college officials and teaching staff in cooperation with the student leaders have actively participated in both Institutional and College activities. The CPAC family consistently works in pursuing the best interest for our clientele. Both instructional and leadership tasks have been underscored for faculty and student growth.




The Criminology program is geared towards development of students in scientific crime detection, police administration, and criminal justice system. It aims to equip its students with the knowledge and technical skills that will help them successfully practice law enforcement and contribute to the criminal justice system to serve integrity with moral and spiritual uprightness, with the end objective of enhancing public safety and security.


  • Foster the value of leadership, integrity, accountability and responsibility while serving their fellowmen, community and country.
  • Prepare the students for careers in crime prevention, law enforcement, scientific crime detection and correctional administration.
  • Encourage research and inquiry on the nature, causes, treatment of criminal behavior and how criminal justice agencies respond to crime, criminals and victims.


  • Bachelor of Science in Criminology