CIT – Faculty

OIC-Dean, College of Industrial Technology
Prof. Evelyn A. Gabas
Associate Dean, Department Head, Industrial Chemistry Department Head, Fashion and Apparel Program Chair, Alumni
Prof. Ariel E. Tobias
Secretary, College of Industrial Technology Program Chair, College Student Government (CSG)
Dr. Rolf Irwin C. Dangla-Cruz
Department Head, Electrical-Electronics Technology
Prof. Cynthia M. Reblando
Department Head, Drafting Technology
Prof. Maureen D. Basi
Department Head, Food Technology Program Chair, Extension
Prof. Jordan A. Datu
Department Head, Mechanical Technology Program Chair, Research
Prof. Ivan Castillano
Program Chair, Guidance and Gender and Development
Prof. Jocelyn R. Moreno
Program Chair, Food Industry Development Center, Program Chair, Food Technology Laboratory
Prof. Roberto E. Resnoso
– Program Chair, OJT and Job Placement