Goals and Objectives

  • Promote highest standards of academic excellence by developing students’ knowledge, attitudes, and skills essential for life-long learning.
  • Promote high professional standards for students to enhance their awareness and international skills.
  • Promote the total concept of education for and about business.


Commitment to our Almighty God and to Philippine Society in pursuit of quality and relevant tertiary education; preparing the students for domestic and international workforce in the area of office and business administration.

It is the aim of the College of Business Administration to ingrain in the faculty members and their clientele Benevolence which has its consequence dedication in fulfilling their duties as government educators, integrity and love for fellowmen and country as they develop in young men and women love and honor for God as well as dignity and trustworthiness in the workplace. Bridging the gap of social status by providing democratic access to quality and relevant tertiary education in the area of office and business administration.

Accountability to academic excellence which envisions competent, highly productive and self sufficient graduates.


  • Bachelor of Science in Office Administration (Ladder Type Course Leading to BSOA)
    • General Clerical – 1 Year
    • Junior Secretarial – 2 Years
    • Specialized Secretarial – 3 Years (Legal, Technical, Medical)
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA)
    Major in:
    • Management Marketing
    • Business Management
    • Human Resource Development Management
  • Bachelor of Science inc Entrepreneurial Management
  • Associate in Busines Administration ( 2 Year Course Leading to BSBA)