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The College of Arts and Sciences at EARIST is considered as the intellectual backbone of the Institute, conducting research, creative works and education in the fields of science and the liberal arts for the betterment of various industries. At present, it comprises an interesting spectrum of studies in mathematics, applied physics, computer science, and behavioral science. Researches on these fields conducted in the College generate new knowledge, solving some of the world’s most practical difficulties and most critical problems.

The main thrust of the College of Arts and Sciences is to develop an academic community composed of vocationally, technically, technologically, and scientifically trained persons who are responsive to the needs of the nation and of the Filipinos. The College commits itself to provide exceptional educational experience to its students so that they will achieve global competency and excellence which is necessary in developing their competitive lead upon completion of their schooling.


  • To develop the students’ ability to acquire knowledge and information, think logically, analyze confidently, express oneself creatively with high moral awareness and responsive social responsibility.
  • To encourage students to realize the importance of reaching personal and professional goals through self motivation, individual growth and purcuit of excellence.
  • To foster students’ development of lifelong competence and interest to conduct research and investigation on science, technology, economy and industry.
  • To provide avenues for students’ involvement in extension and production programs for professional and community development in preparation for employment in their specific career fields.

Program Offerings

  • Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics with Computer Science Emphasis
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Industrial Psychology
  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

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