Eulogio "Amang" Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology

1. A student with library card is allowed to enter the library. No student is allowed to borrow any library materials unless he/she has a library card valid for the current year. Bags should be surrendered on the baggage counter before entering the library except valuable items (e.g. cellphones, wallet and other gadgets).

2. Students can borrow two (2) books for overnight use only. Staff and Full- time faculty can borrow a maximum of 5 books every semester, while part- time faculty is allowed to borrow a maximum of 3 books every semester, provided that they present valid identification cards.

3. Borrowed books and other library materials should be returned every end of the semester. Library clearance will not be signed due to failure to return borrowed library materials.

4. Theses, dissertations and reference materials are for room use only. Only abstracts are allowed for photocopying.

5. Students are not allowed to eat, sleep and litter inside the library in order to not disturb other library patrons.

6. Silence should always be observed inside the library. Idle conversations, loud laughter and unnecessary noise must be avoided.

7. Library facilities should be kept in order. Chairs should be pushed back against the tables before leaving the library.

8. Books and other library materials should be handled with care. Leaning or writing on them is to be avoided.

9. Charging of laptops, cell phones and other gadgets is not allowed inside the library.

10. Students should refrain from unwelcome acts of hiding or stealing books and other library materials. Tearing out pages of the library books and forging signatures will be subject to disciplinary actions.

11. A student is held liable for any book signed out under his/her name. Therefore, library cards should not be passed from one student to another. Borrowing needs to be exercised personally.

12. Misbehavior risks losing one’s library privileges and/or suspension from the use of library according to the discretion of the librarian. Repeated cases will be reported to the officer in charge of the discipline.

13. The library card must always be presented in borrowing, renewing or returning of library materials.